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Coastal Carolina Students Standing Against Human Trafficking

November 2, 2012

From WMBF:

CONWAY — Some Coastal Carolina University students aren’t just learning about human trafficking they’re taking a stand against it.

For some students the film Taken hit home.

“I saw the movie Taken but I always thought that human trafficking happened in third world countries,” said John Conner, Senior at CCU.

Conner and his classmates are learning more about human trafficking and that it does happen here.

“It could be you, it could be somebody you know, it could be your next door neighbor,” said Kassidi Efird, Senior at CCU.  “It’s so relevant and so proxemic to our area and our state our region, our country for that matter and people just aren’t aware that it’s around them.”

Their professor, Dr. Breede, is helping them to identify what trafficking is and who the victims are.

“A child cannot give consent for sexual activity and so if they are being prostituted, if they’re being pimped out, if they’re on the street working as a hustler or prostitute they’re being trafficked,” said Dr. Breede, Associate Professor of Communications.

Geared with this information, these seniors want to spread the word.

“The stories we hear happening around the state and here in Myrtle Beach, we all share with our friends because we were blown away by hearing them,” said Zach Deritis, Senior at CCU.

To get the community onboard with the cause, they are putting on a human trafficking event.

They hope to raise awareness and money.

“People are survivors and sometimes they don’t have anything after something like this happens to them.  They have nothing,” said Nicole Holley, Senior at CCU.

Stand for Something is the name of their human trafficking event.

It’s Thursday November 8th from 10:00am to 2:00pm at CCU.

There will be music and food.

The community is welcome.


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  1. Congrats CCU students and Dr. Breede! You are part of my Good Morning Greeting on Facebook today! Keep up the good work…. Let’s replicate at EVERY University!

    Donna “Ladyjustice”

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