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UPDATE on H.3757 the Bill is Good!

March 29, 2012
At midnight, the notice alighted my mobile’s screen:  H.3757 will be read today ! You will find the notice on the House Calendar for today, on Page 18, under SECOND READING STATEWIDE UNCONTESTED BILLS.   The following link should take you to the Calendar, and if you click on INDEX, you will see a listing of all bills being read in numerical order, and you can go to the page via that page, or click on Full Text. 
Please note that two more legislators have signed on as co-sponsors — Patrick and J.R. Smith.  Rep Smith is the Chairman of the House Ethics Committee.  We have a strong, solidly good bill.
Whoever can be present, go.  Nothing like hearing the debate and proceedings in person. If you didn’t have a chance to sit in the House or Senate on Lobby Day or have never been to the Statehouse while in session, you have something to look forward to doing, and why not when we have our bill being read,. Nevertheless, some of us cannot drop our work and family schedules, and some of us live at quite a distance from Columbia. So…. watch the proceedings via computer.
When the session begins at noon, go to , and you will see a box to the left of the page, where you can click on Live Streaming Video for either the House or the Senate.
When the House approves the bill today, the bill will crossover to the Senate.  The Judiciary Subcommittee will merge it with S.1135, and move it through the process to the Senate floor for approval. At that point, we will have one bill, to go to the Governor for signing into law.
We have one clause which needs to be reinstated, the Asset Forfeiture clause. If it isn’t reinstated by the House today, and most likely it will not be reinstated today, then we will ask the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee to do so. Currently, we are rewording the clause. More about asset forfeiture is forthcoming.
If you attend in person, please say Hello to Rep Nelson Hardwick, and to your District Representative.  They might introduce you. Let them know you support this bill, to put an end to modern-day slavery, and what they are about to do, this bill will do it.  One of our advocates, and I apologize, I cannot remember her name, noted how appropriate this bill, for the full legislature to pass it into law the year before the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation.
What a day this will be. It’s been a longtime coming, but it would not be here at all, if you had not stepped up and spoke out. Thank you.
Betty J. Houbion
843.357.7010  [H]
847.373.4158  [C]
South Carolina

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