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ADVOCATE ALERT: BREAKING NEWS: H.3757 Full Judicairy Committee Meeting

March 26, 2012
H.3757 moved out of the House Judiciary Criminal Laws Subcommittee to Full Judiciary Committee, with Favorable with Amendment. The notice was posted this morning.  The Judiciary Committee will debate the bill on Tuesday, March 27 (tomorrow! ), at 2:30 pm or 1 1/2 hrs after close of House Session, Blatt Building, Room 516 (see attachment and go to ). 
If you can be present, the Committee will see the support, and seeing is believing. The Committee members will know first-hand about our commitment to South Carolina’s need to end human trafficking in our state and to prevent it from arising again.
If you cannot be there, please call your Representative, as a constituent, and ask for his or her support for this bill.  We need to do this today, no later than tomorrow morning, before the meeting. Best to call. Emails sent via the Statehouse web site will not arrive in time.
If you can, please also contact the Judiciary Committee members, to call for their support. Again, we need to do this before the meeting tomorrow afternoon. 
The Subcommittee struck the Asset Forfeiture clause. This is now being reconsidered and reworded, to re-enter into the bill.  This clause is vital to this bill, to any human trafficking bill. The clause that we propose is congruent with those of other states, such as that of Maryland and Florida, and with the South Carolina asset forfeiture law for trafficking in drugs.  The asset forfeiture clause would make sure that traffickers assets, such as boats, planes, trucks, residential brothel houses and cash, would be forfeited and placed in a fund to go to victims of human trafficking and service providers to human trafficking victims, and to reimbursement of law enforcement and court-related expenses.  It also sends a loud, clear message to traffickers that the money they make off the sale of women, men and children will be at risk of loss and that they will be out of business. 
Please call the Judiciary Committee members, and your district Representative, to ask for support. We need to enable this Committee to move the bill to the House Assembly for its approval, and send it to the Senate for its review and approval.  We’re halfway there, and still moving.
Thank you.
Betty J. Houbion
843.357.7010  [H]
847.373.4158  [C]
South Carolina

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