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Sex+Money Documentary Coming November 3 to Myrtle Beach

June 21, 2011

In 2007, a group of student photojournalists embarked on a journey through 20+ nations on every inhabitable continent, motivated by their love for photography and their passion for justice. At the outset, their experiences seemed diverse, even random. However, a common thread of human suffering would soon emerge as their travels exposed them to a dark, seldom discussed side of humanity– children being bought and sold to satisfy the sexual pleasures of other humans.

Upon returning to the United States the students produced a book called Sex+Money: A Global Search for Human Worth. This collection of photographs and stories explores the realities of human trafficking and offers readers a global perspective on the consequences of abusing two of the most powerful forces in the world: sex and money.

While researching to write their book, the young journalists were shocked to discover that the same injustice was happening on their own soil. Currently, across America, between 100,000 and 300,000 minors are being sexually exploited. Meanwhile, most Americans are oblivious to this staggering truth. As a result, what started as a Global Search for Human Worth became a National Search for Human Worth.




People are aware that sex trafficking happens abroad, but most do not believe that it exists on American soil nor do they know how to spot it.

Sex+Money Film will:

  • Partner with Shared Hope International to release a new grading-system that measures the capacity of states to respond to sex trafficking.
  • Embark on a 50 State Distribution Tour to screen the documentary (August 1-December 17, 2011) and address trafficking in all 50 states.
  • Expose different locations where sex trafficking takes place – from truck stops, to massage parlors, malls, etc…
  • Promote Neighborhood Watch systems so that citizens can identify and inform local law enforcement agencies about sex trafficking in their





There are currently less than 100 beds available in restoration homes for the estimated 100,000 to 300,000 child sex trafficking victims in America.

Sex+Money Film will:

  • Donate the sales of Sex+Money merchandise to raise $1.1 million for Streetlight, a Phoenix based restoration home capable of serving 48 child sex trafficking survivors. Learn more here
  • Partner with FACT Alliance to distribute funds to other domestic homes serving survivors.
  • Research, adopt, and distribute a comprehensive model that any church, small community, or business can use as a guideline to build and establish a proper restoration facility for domestic minor sex trafficking victims. 




There is a lack of central organization to help mobilize the masses and connect various anti-sex trafficking initiatives.

Sex+Money Film will:

  • Partner with ENDSLAVERYNOW.COM, which has a State-by-State Anti-Trafficking Directory that organizes and categorizes efforts by geographical location and spheres of society.
  • Use a Unique Communication Model that will direct each sphere of society (i.e. government; religion; family; education; economics; science + technology; communication; and arts + entertainment) to respond with the specific talents, services, and resources that each one has to offer.
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