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Help Needed to Pass Human Trafficking Bill in South Carolina

May 20, 2011

A bill has been introduced for the second time in the South Carolina Legislature and was heard for the first time by the Judiciary Criminal Laws Subcommittee. This bill addressed the issues surrounding human trafficking in the State of South Carolina.

As in other states, tougher laws are needed in South Carolina to prosecute traffickers, train law enforcement and assist victims in their recovery.  H. 3757 would address these issues if passed, and unlike in most states, this bill calls for asset forfeiture.  The traffickers pay the bill.  But ! this bill needs  swift support and action from the citizens of South Carolina.

There was excellent support given by many citizens groups, as well as members of the South Carolina legislature, but, as often happens, other bills have taken priority and H. 3757 did not move out of the committee.

A message from Betty Houbion, an activist working for passage of the bill:

ALL South Carolinians: Call or write — better a phone call – your SC Representative and ask him or her to support H.3757- Human Trafficking and pull it from committee to the House floor. The bill is stuck. We need it to move. It can move ONLY if all representatives call for it unanimously.

How to find your District Representative:

Go to

Enter your zipcode to find your legislators.  Note your SOUTH CAROLINA state representatives, one for the House and one for the Senate.  Make note of the address and phone number when clicking on the name.

Make the phone call and follow up with an email or letter.

If you live in South Carolina, get involved.  Human trafficking is a global problem, but is occurring everywhere, even in your own backyard.  South Carolina is considered a “hot spot” for trafficking because of transient populations in resort areas and easy access to major interstates, yet laws do not reflect a strong effort to take a stand against trafficking and help eradicate it.

Educate yourselves, learn about the things to look for, and learn about what to do if you suspect and incident of trafficking.

The Human Trafficking Hotline Number:

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